Viewpoints in the Civil War

Something of interest while studying the views of the United States Civil War is the extreme difference between the majorities of people in the North compared to the South. In current days, the majority of the South seems to feel that the war is in an interim, ready to be resume at any given moment in order to continue the fight for the ideals that are anything but forgotten. They mourn distant relatives lost in the Civil War as if they were close kin that they had seen everyday until dying in war, as well as continuing to celebrate certain holidays that are uniquely important to Southerners. In stark contrast, the majority of people living in the North have forgotten about the civil war, or at least don’t ponder about it on a daily basis.  There are groups of people that reenact and are fascinated with the Civil War, but they are the minority up north.  One speculation, that I also agree with, is that in the North, less than a third of residents have family that was in the Civil War compared to the South, which has almost fifty percent of their residents related to someone involved in the Civil War.  This relationship of the Civil War to family ties ultimately creates a more personal affair with the event, making the long past war feel much closer to home for those families were affected by it.  This closeness to the war has been misinterpreted in so that it is believed that people from the South wish slavery would still be legal instead of the actual ideals that the South stood for, which was less federal government involvement and the ability to be independent and secede from the United States if they chose to.  This was against what the North believed in and was the actual reason for the Civil War.  The actual views of people in both regions can be quite ignorant of the other, and unfortunately this leads to several issues regarding race, ideals and beliefs.  Hopefully, further education on the matter will provide all parties with a greater respect for each other and also a much improved understanding of the other’s background.


2 thoughts on “Viewpoints in the Civil War

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